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List of Characters

Angel Beats!

Name: Kanade Tachibana
Journal: isnt_an_angel
Meaning: For a good bit of the series, she's known only as "Angel".
Timeline: Post series.
Home: Homeless.
Random: She's definitely my least talkative character.
Songs: "Black Balloon" by the Goo Goo Dolls.


Name: Rachel Alucard
Journal: brb_teatime
Meaning: When she is drinking tea, you do not interrupt her. She also has a bad habit of just... taking off randomly whenever the mood suits her.
Timeline: Post game.
Home: Homeless.
Random: As soon as I loaded up BlazBlue and saw Rachel, I knew she'd be my favorite character and that I'd end up playing her one day. I'm planning on using another Rachel journal I made (sword_iris) for icons of Nago and Gii.
Songs: None yet!


Name: Retsu Unohana
Journal: capn_mom
Meaning: She's the Captain of the Fourth Squad, and she's everyone's mommy.
Timeline: Current; Hueco Mundo arc.
Home: Formerly mayfield_rpg; currently homeless.
Random: I made her journal completely spur of the moment and had no intentions of using it for an actual game; I wanted to come up with a better name for her. The guys in chat convinced me to use it anyway, and I'm happy they did.
Songs: None yet!

Name: Yachiru Kusajishi
Journal: shoulder_gps
Meaning: She rides on Kenpachi's shoulders and gives him directions. Horrible directions, but directions all the same. Hustino suggested it and it was too perfect to pass up.
Timeline: Current; Hueco Mundo arc.
Home: Homeless.
Random: I am easily enabled. I didn't really think about playing her until Ethan mentioned it, and the idea just kind of took root in my brain. Now I'm looking forward to giving her a shot.
Songs: None yet!


Name: Flonne
Journal: its_flonnezilla
Meaning: It just cracks me up. Flonnezilla. Come on. XD
Timeline: Sometime during or after Disgaea 2; will figure it out once I actually play the game.
Home: Homeless.
Random: Flonnezilla.
Songs: None yet!

Final Fantasy IV

Name: Porom
Journal: polite_mage
Meaning: She's super polite, and a white mage. What? They can't all be witty.
Timeline: Endgame.
Home: Homeless.
Random: I refuse to play her until I've properly beaten the game. Dammit.
Songs: None yet!

Name: Rosa Farrell
Journal: lovewillgrow
Meaning: 'Love Will Grow' is the name of one of the Final Fantasy vocal albums, and one of my favorite songs on the CD. It seemed to suit Rosa.
Timeline: Post game, before The After Years.
Home: Homeless.
Random: I still don't know what the hell I'm thinking, making a Rosa account. I haven't even beaten the game yet!
Songs: "Love Will Grow" from the album of the same name.

Final Fantasy VI

Name: Locke Cole
Journal: huntin4phoenix
Meaning: Locke spends a lot of time searching for the Phoenix magicite so he can revive Rachel. Also, "huntin" because he's a treasure hunter.
Timeline: N/A at the moment.
Home: Homeless.
Random: I swear one day I'll have a journal for every single FFVI character.
Songs: None yet!

Name: Mog
Journal: slamdancin
Meaning: He's a fast-talking, street-smart, SLAM-dancing moogle!
Timeline: N/A at the moment.
Home: Homeless.
Random: Mog is such fun to play. I really want to find a game for him one of these days.
Songs: None yet!

Name: Relm Arrowny
Journal: rainbowbrush
Meaning: One of her strongest weapons is the Rainbow Brush.
Timeline: Right before heading to Kefka's Tower in the World of Ruin.
Home: mayfield_rpg
Random: I apped Relm completely on a whim; I never expected to find her voice so easily and to have so much fun playing her.
Songs: "Fiction" by Yuki Kajiura.

Name: Terra Branford
Journal: allnaturalmagic
Meaning: Terra's magical powers are completely natural, since she's half Esper.
Timeline: Memento Eden: Right before heading to Kefka's Tower in the World of Ruin. Planeocracy: Before going to the Sealed Gate.
Home: Formerly memento_eden and planeocracy; currently homeless.
Random: I've wanted to roleplay Terra for years. She is definitely my oldest muse.
Songs: "Now That I'm A Woman" from The Last Unicorn, "Black and White" by Sarah McLachlan, "Vector" by Yuki Kajiura.

Name: Terra Branford
Journal: mobliz_mama
Meaning: In the World of Ruin, Terra becomes the surrogate mother to a bunch of orphans in the town of Mobliz.
Timeline: N/A at the moment.
Home: Formerly kingdoms_rp; currently homeless.
Random: I've decided to use this journal solely for spritecon!Terra.
Songs: "Full Of Grace" by Sarah McLachlan.

Fire Emblem 7

Name: Louise Reglay
Journal: eccentricsniper
Meaning: She and Pent are described as eccentric nobles, and she is a skilled archer/sniper.
Timeline: Shortly after giving birth to her son, Klein.
Home: Formerly memento_eden; currently homeless.
Random: This is all Geoff's fault. When I decided to play her, I was happy just to have an Erk; I never, ever would have thought I'd find a Pent, let alone get one to join her game. I'm still elated that I was proven wrong.
Songs: "All About Soul (Remix)" by Billy Joel.

Fushigi Yuugi

Name: Chichiri
Journal: kachou_fuugetsu
Meaning: Ka Chou Fuu Getsu (Flower, Bird, Wind, Moon) is the name of one of his image songs.
Timeline: Series end.
Home: Homeless.
Random: I'm basing a lot of his dialog on how he talks in the dub, but I've decided to go with "no da" instead of "y'know" for his speech pattern. It just sounds more natural to me.
Songs: None yet!


Name: Kazuki Fuuchouin
Journal: deadlystrings
Meaning: Kazuki fights using string.
Timeline: After volume 25 of the manga.
Home: Homeless.
Random: I get far too much amusement out of characters realizing Kazuki is male.
Songs: None yet!

Odin Sphere

Name: Gwendolyn
Journal: wakes_to_love
Meaning: Until she is awakened from an enchanted sleep by by Oswald's kiss, she's a Valkyrie that only wants to please her father. Nothing else mattered.
Timeline: N/A at the moment.
Home: Homeless.
Random: Oswald/Gwendolyn is one of my most favorite OTPs, ever. Their romance is just so moving and epic.
Songs: "Let Love In" by the Goo Goo Dolls.

Name: Mercedes
Journal: deus_ex_nomen
Meaning: "God is in the name". Her real name is full of spoilers!
Timeline: Pre-Armageddon.
Home: Homeless.
Random: Mercedes is made of adorable and awesome and definitely my most favorite character to play as.
Songs: None yet!

Name: Velvet
Journal: fateful_chains
Meaning: The name of her book is Fate and her weapon Graveryl is a chained Psypher. Also she spends much of her story trying to break free from the predictions of her mother - chained to her fate.
Timeline: Pre-Armageddon.
Home: mayfield_rpg
Random: The fact that Velvet and Ingway both seem to have problems wearing clothes that covers them up amuses me.
Songs: "The Tower" by Vienna Teng.


Name: Amelia Wil Tesla Seyruun
Journal: standup4justice
Meaning: 'Stand Up!' is one of Amelia's image songs, and as anyone that has seen the series knows, she is obsessed with justice.
Timeline: Sometime after Slayers Try.
Home: Homeless.
Random: I never, ever thought I'd be able to tolerate Amelia, let alone play her. Amazing how things can change over time.
Songs: None yet!

Suikoden V

Name: Haswar Falenas
Journal: huggingoracle
Meaning: She's the oracle of Lunas, and she hugs anything she finds cute. Which is just about everything.
Timeline: Post game.
Home: Homeless.
Random: Playing Haswar is frighteningly easy, since she's pretty much me, only more awesome. With her, I can let my own fondness for cute things out in full force, and be totally in character!
Songs: None yet!

Tales of Symphonia

Name: Raine Sage
Journal: halfelvenhealer
Meaning: She's a half-elf, and she's a healer. Also it was inspired by Red's Genis account, halfelvensnark.
Timeline: Post game, before Dawn of the New World.
Home: Homeless.
Random: Again, I am easily enabled. Ruinmode!Raine is something I greatly want to RP.
Songs: None yet!


Name: Billy Lee Black
Journal: church_of_nra
Meaning: Billy's a priest and he has his own personal gun arsenal. Geoff thought of it and I was too amused and impressed to let it go.
Timeline: Post game.
Home: Homeless.
Random: A lot of characters in Xenogears tend to stay away from contractions ('you are' instead of 'you're') and keeping that in mind while playing Billy has been challenging.
Songs: "Losing My Religion" by REM.

Name: Emeralda
Journal: autumn_mermaid
Meaning: Her theme music is called October Mermaid.
Timeline: Post game.
Home: Homeless.
Random: I really want to play her somewhere, but finding icons for her is a pain.
Songs: None yet!


Name: Gaignun Kukai, Jr.
Journal: bulletserenade
Meaning: I wanted a name that sounded like one of his attacks. Geoff (there's a pattern here) suggested it and I loved the way it sounded.
Timeline: Post Episode III.
Home: Formerly memento_eden and planeocracy; currently homeless.
Random: I was terrified to play Jr. at first, but after a week or so his voice came to me with surprising ease. I contribute this at least partially to having an amazing Gaignun (fadetonigredo) to bounce him off of.
Songs: The Firefly theme, "The Joker" by Steve Miller Band, "Learn To Fly" by the Foo Fighters, "Made of Steel" by Our Lady Peace, "Wanted Dead or Alive" by Bon Jovi.

Name: Jin Uzuki
Journal: rockulikea
Meaning: One of Jin's start battle quotes is simply "Here I am." And I just. Rock you like a hurricane~! Plus, he's an Uzuki. Rock you like a(n) Uzuki just amuses me and sounds badass. Which Jin is.
Timeline: N/A at the moment.
Home: Homeless.
Random: I'm not sure if I'll ever actually play him anywhere, but I felt the need to have a Jin account. Who knows where this will go?
Songs: Aside from the obvious... XD None yet!

Name: MOMO Mizrahi
Journal: spacepeach
Meaning: MOMO means peach, and Xenosaga is an epic space opera.
Timeline: Post Episode III.
Home: Previously mayfield_rpg; currently homeless.
Random: I feel like I'm cheating with MOMO; playing her comes so easily and so naturally to me. I still worry about playing her with her Realian abilities, though.
Songs: None yet!
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