My world

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A box? Why am I in a box? I was just playing with Alby... so how did I end up here? I don't remember leaving my house. Is this some kind of Encephalon dive? How strange.

I wonder if the others are here. Mommy? Ziggy? Maybe Jr...? It's been a while since I last saw him, it would be nice if here were around here! I don't think he is... But he said he'd be back to visit me, so I don't mind waiting so much.

Um... hello? Is there anyone here?
She still believes in miracles

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Another box? How strange! The last time I was in one of these, I met some very interesting people! This one is different, though. Lilacs and hamsters? Where am I?

Perhaps Lord Pent is here as well. That would be lovely! We could settle in for a bit and rest. I wish I could bring Erk here, this place matches his hair so well! Ah, he's no longer a child, though, is he? Goodness, but they grow up so fast.

I suppose I should see if anyone else is here. Hello?

((If you guys would like to give Fel some love, it would be greatly appreciated. ♥~ [/shameless]))